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Harry Thomas Fabb

Born July 13 1997 in the old Norwich hospital, I attended a few primary schools and grew up a normal life, in my teen years I was at NWHS in North Walsham, this lead me to find my love of technical theatre inspiring me to attend a collage course, now I run a company with my business partner selling technical equipment and designing installations for high end customers such as McLaren and Merlin Entertainments.


  • Microsoft Office 365 Suite
  • Adobe Editing Suite (including subsistance).
  • Blender 3D.
  • Web Design (Including HTML CSS & MySQL).
  • Computers & Technical Equipment (Including EPOS).
  • Team Player
  • Frinendly and outgoing person

My favorite extra curricular activity would be riding my bike in the woods, not only does it promote health but we meet as a group and hurtle down ramps and up jumps at 40 mph on the custom built hard tail jump bikes.

I also emjoy wild camping, nothing beats chilling in a fabric box with nothing to do but look at the sky and sleep.

Work History

2011~ 2014 ish : The Atrium / Arts North Norfolk.

Working for these two mish mash excuses for charities and companies was fun, my roll was generally running the technical aspects of shows and projection operating for the cinema, Skyfall the thing broke, I’ve never moved so quick, got it fixed and made everyone laugh though, we also did theatre with local actors and amdrams, shows included the atrium variety show, king Arthur and the holy grail, zombie baby sitter and a few others I can’t recall.


2014 – 2014: Russells Circus.

Yes I worked for a circus, No I was not in the show, i did have to release 8 pidgins and then catch them all though at the end of each show for a whole month twice a day, my main roll was looking after and operating technical equipment, building the bigtop and setting the generators and power grids up.


2015 – Current: TLS Lighting.

I currently work for TLS Lighting, My roll includes Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing & on site works.


At some point I worked for a cleaning company, have worked for a hotel and bar, electricians mate, lead generation, but there are all odd jobs so I’ve not included them.


Is thats 1 or 2 B’s? – Its two.

Can I see some ID please? – Yes, request via the contact me form on the home page.

Where do you live? – Felmingham.